Welcome to Our Athlete Development Center

Untitled-1The Foundry is dedicated to building your game through our 43,000 square foot sports facility and sports experts. Age and ability is a non-factor under our roof.

The Foundry offers key components to aid our athletes in game success. No matter the sport, we offer training to improve speed, agility and skill. We have phenomenal coaches teaching clinics, camps or club leagues throughout the year. Fitness classes are also available for the individuals who are just training for life. The Foundry is also available for private functions such as parties, corporate events, expos and health fairs.

What is The Foundry?

The Foundry has six volleyball courts with the ability to play basketball, futsal, tennis, and pickle ball. Strength and conditioning courses, as well as fitness classes, are also available to the general public. We’ve employed the very latest with indoor floor technology to create a playing surface that best simulates the response of a suspended wood floor. The use of millions of tiny rubber pellets allied to the stone underlay provides an added shock absorption not seen at other indoor centers. This not only enhances the playing experience of our customers but also reduces risk of injury.

With accurate court markings and interchangeable court functions we are able to accommodate a variety of different sports. This versatility is one of our greatest strengths, and yet one more service component you can’t find elsewhere. Possibilities range from Volleyball to Basketball and Futsal, from Tennis to Pickleball – all without compromising the integrity of the game. With 30 feet of clear height and 17 automated curtains, The Foundry has the unique ability to be divided up into several areas if needed. For example, any combination of volleyball, basketball, futsal, tennis and pickleball can be played simultaneously under one roof.

What is the location and hours?

The Foundry is located on East Bayshore Road, Redwood City in California. We are in between Seaport Blvd (Woodside Road) and Marsh Road- parallel to 101 Highway. Our building is 2575 and painted white, formally a DHL warehouse.

The Foundry is open from 8:00am – 8:00pm Monday through Friday and closed on the weekends. However, extended or weekend hours may be arranged through prior notice.

If you are just dropping off a player between the hours of 3pm – 7pm, you may unload them by the front door (the door is locked any other hours). If you plan to stay awhile, The Foundry has a large parking lot located in the back of the building (where our main entrance is). Please abide by our 5 mph speed limit and the traffic light in the driveway, to ensure safety for all drivers.

Who is The Foundry for?

EVERYONE! The Foundry sets itself apart by our fundamental belief that age and/or skill set should never be a limitation for an athlete. We have developed programs to accommodate each unique individual :)

How do I sign up?

The Foundry offers a variety of classes, clinics and courses that cater to an individual’s interest. Our sports specific activities are a per basis sign up – the times and pricing can be found on the designated page for the sport. For the strength conditioning, vertical power, agility and endurance training, we have activities year round that can be signed up through our performance page.

Who to contact for specific reason

For general inquiries we can be reached by email at mail@foundrysport.com or by phone at 1-800-494-1319.

  • Matt Krebs is our Principal Director and can be contacted for Sponsorship, Corporate Alliances or Business inquiries. matt@foundrysport.com
  • Nadine Waeghe is our Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist and best approached for questions involving Wellness, Health and Sports Medicine. nadine@foundrysport.com
  • Jillian Bivert is our Program Director and can answer any questions regarding Futsal, Pickleball, Badminton, Tennis, Indoor Golf, Court Rentals, Open Gyms, Scheduling, and Tournaments. jillian@foundrysport.com
  • Heidi Alvarado is our Project Director and can handle any requests about Parties, Events, Marketing, Public Relations and Community Outreach. heidi@foundrysport.com
  • David Taufoou is the LEMO Foundation Director and all questions regarding LEMO tryouts, sponsorship, donations and media can be directed to adtaufoou@yahoo.com
  • Lena Quilantang is our Volleyball Director and can be contacted for your Club Volleyball Team inquiries. lena@foundrysport.com
  • Angela Pizzella is the Performance Director and handles all sports performance, personal training, fitness classes and consultations. angela@foundrysport.com

Foundry Facility Rules

View The Foundry Rules HERE

Sports Performance

Enhance your athletic potential with vertical training, acceleration and agility drills and olympic lifting for strength and explosive power.

Group Classes

Build your fitness with our Bootcamp, FIT Females, Body Sculpt, H.I.I.T, Seasoned Champs and Kickboxing classes.

Personal Training

Private or partner sessions tailored to each individuals unique fitness needs. Contact our Performance Director to set up an appointment!

Open Lift

Work-out at your own pace, on your own terms, in an open-gym format under supervision of Foundry Staff.

Our Team

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From special guests, tournaments and fun events, we give you all the behind the scene details